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“(...) the artistic activity of ROZBARK Theatre assumes big diversity and openness to new forms. What is interesting is that this place is not to serve only to present modern dance – already at this time a project is being developed which is connected with classical ballet, which will be realized together with the Ludomir Różycki Ballet School. Owing to that the admirers of different dance aesthetics will have a chance to find something for themselves in this place. As it turns out, this also concerns the youngest spectator. The Theatre plans to prepare at least one proposal for kids during the season. A really interesting idea – educate a conscious and appropriately sensitive spectator as of the earliest years. (...).”.

9th March, 2014, Miłosz Markiewicz, www.teatralny.pl
Link:  www.teatralny.pl/opinie/niczym-feniks-z-popiolow,337.html

“Successful Open days at Rozbark (...). The Rozbark Mine opened again the doors of its waiting room . During the weekend, instead of the noise of mining machines, one could hear music here. The Open Days of “Rozbark” Dance and Movement Theatre, the successor of the Silesian Dance Theatre, lasted from Friday until Sunday. Today, regular classes begin here. (…) There were workshops, shows, and spectacles for the adults and children. During free of charge classes in dance, both the young and the older ones had a chance to perform; experienced dancers and those who had only started their adventure with music and motion. (...).”.

11th March, 2014, MCH, Polska Dziennik Zachodni
Link:  www.dziennikteatralny.pl/artykuly/udane-dni-otwarte-na-rozbarku.html

“(...) One cannot say about Bytom that it is a city at odds with culture. The Silesian Opera, Kronika have here their own public (...), currently the newly established Rozbark Theatre, which filled the gap after the former Silesian Dance Theatre, prospers. (…).”.

11th June, 2014, Magdalena Figzała,
Link:  www.teatralny.pl/recenzje/teatromania-2014-mojzesz-futbol-i-kebab,554.html

”(…) The spectacle “Legends” is the first premiere of ROZBARK Dance and Movement Theatre in Bytom. With this spectacle the “Rozbark Theatre” started to create its own legend – the legend of a modern Theatre, which is to become the city’s signature. I think that this is a great beginning of the way. As a spectator I will walk this road together with the artists, because it is really worth it”.

17th June, 2014, Magdalena Janta, Okiem rodzica,
Link: www.czasdzieci.pl/okiem-rodzica/id,4569987.html

7th March, 2014, AKTUALNOŚCI


8th March, 2014, Teleekspress

9th March, 2014, TVS