April 31

Direction, choreography, concept:
Helena Ganjalyan

„If only I were a being that shows itself, appears and not only a series of images created by others”.
Rodrigo Garcia

”april 31” – a day suspended between “today” and “tomorrow”, between truth and lie, the present and absent . Between a life that is lived and life, which is dead  – empty, deprived of sense. A day that does not exist. Or maybe a day that is repeated for eternity until I change something, until “something” happens ?
Gradually, we go along with the performers into the memory paths of their protagonists. We go deep inside human existence, searching in its roots for a state of absolute freedom and conformance of what is shown outside with that which is inside – a harmony which has been displaced.

Voices of the press:
”(...) The choreography proposed by Helena Ganjalyan is based on contrasts. On the one hand it is composed of movements and gestures of the actors, which are mechanical and devoid of emotional expression (which send back to selected everyday life activities) – their presentations are formed into certain cycles, which emphasize routine and lack of involvement (the actors’ faces are unchanged for the whole time). On the other hand there are moments of suspension here – scenes of a standstill , in which sudden and automatic gestures cease, the indifference of the look is replaced by a sudden need for closeness. The drama of this story’s protagonists consists in the fact that they do not really know how to deal with each other when they finally free their bodies from the need to represent someone/something. (…).”.
A day that does not exist, Magdalena Figzał, 6th May, 2016, www.teatralny.pl