democratic body

concept, direction, choreography:
Anna Piotrowska

premiere 29.06.2015

“democratic body” is a personal homage paid to democracy as the greatest good received by man – the possibility of choice. For the choreographer, dancer, director, a choice defines the creative horizon. It enables bringing out from the body everything that asks for expression. However, is  the body subject to the rules of free choice? What is democracy in the body and is it at all possible?

Voices of the press:
“ (…) The spectacle concerns the body as an independent and dependent, subordinated and independent being. It is almost stretched between these opposites. We feel how the body is formed, becomes a part of a whole, but at the same time is a separate creation.  Movement and dance take place negligently, of obligation, or for fun. They are not a result of a manner or style. In a large part they are physical, almost functional, requiring big dexterity and power. The following dancers did really great in this aspect (…): Kamil Bończyk, Wojciech Chowaniec, Szymon Dobosik, Jan Lorys, Tomasz Urbański, and Piotr Wach – who presented themselves marvellously on the stage.”
Rytmiczne Współ-Trwanie, Anna Raj, 24th July, 2015,, 

“(...) The spectacle invoked many lively reactions and a quite an applause of the audience. (…) ”democratic body” will be seen with pleasure by a clerk, artist, or hairdresser, because both the contents and the form assume a very diversified viewer. What may be interesting, for both men and women is the fact that we watch on the stage only (handsome) men.”
Rytmiczne Współ-Trwanie, Anna Raj, 24th July, 2015,,