Lost in the Skin

concept, direction, choreography:
Anna Piotrowska

premiere 7.11.2015

A physiological and philosophical story about deep experiencing and getting to know oneself. The artist dwells on the BODY, which becomes the main protagonist of the spectacle. The skin becomes a sort of convention, protection, umbrella, trampoline. The presence and broader getting to know oneself – one’s own body results in better functioning in a society of other, second, but the same bodies.

Piotrowska attempts to give an answer to questions, which bother her: what am I and what constitutes me and therefore – who am I?  We only know ourselves on the surface, we slide on top of our being. Lost, harried, alien to ourselves – we simply do not know ourselves well. We have no time for listening to the needs of our body, which has its own sensitivity, intelligence, and needs.

Voices of the press:
”(...) “Zagubieni w skórze” by Anna Piotrowska is a peculiar laboratory of the body in which on the one hand its capability of feeling and reactions to external stimuli are tested and on the other hand the corporal needs and desires are thoroughly examined. (…) The direct perception of Anna Piotrowska’s spectacle is a through and through sensual experience – very loud music penetrates our bodies, whereas the movements of the actors, coordinated with it, are expressive enough that somehow we feel them as our own or at least we are able to envision our own reaction to the physical experiences presented on the scene.”.
My body is my temple, Magdalena Figzał, 23rd November, 2015, www.teatralny.pl