Audition for the new production of ROZBARK

Audition for the new production of ROZBARK Dance and Movement Theatre in Bytom

ROZBARK Dance and Movement Theatre in Bytom is announcing audition for the new production of choreographer Anna Piotrowska. The new production will include the live beatbox music. Production will take place from September 2017 to November 2017, premiere is planned on 24th November 2017.We are looking for experienced professional female and male dancers, who are open-minded, able to draw on their own experience, while at the same time enjoying taking artistic risk. We prefer mature dancers who are open for the experimental ways of working. There is a possibility for further cooperation with selected dancers from January 2018.

Age: minimum 25 years old
Experience: at least 2 years on stage
Education: diploma of dance/ballet school is required

Audition will take place in Bytom (Poland) on 26th and 27th August 2017. There will be two days of workshops during the audition: class, repertoire and improvisation. Travel and accommodation will not be provided. Audition only by invitation, so we advise you not to buy tickets before getting your confirmation from the Theatre.  Audition will be held in ROZBARK Theatre’s seats: 29 Wojciecha Kilara Street, 41-902 Bytom, Poland (the closest airports: Katowice and Krakow).

How to apply:
Please send your application with CV, motivation letter, photos and links to your work to and to the choreographer Anna Piotrowska at
Deadline for applications: 4th August 2017. Till 9th August 2017 you will receive an information if you were invited for the audition and further information about it.

Present company of ROZBARK Dance and Movement Theatre in Bytom, under the artistic leadership of Anna Piotrowska has already prepared a few productions: “democratic body” (June 2015),  “Zagubieni w skórze” (November 2015), “umarłam w krasie, czyli przypuszczalnie żyłam” (December 2015) and “Podziemne słońca” (June 2016). Our dancers also worked with guest choreographers on performances: “April31” choreographed by Helena Ganjalyan (April 2015) and “Mommy Issues” choreographed by Cecilia Moisio (November 2016). With some of the dancers Piotrowska also realized other productions, consistent with many current directions of artistic research, like diploma performance for the PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow, Dance Theatre Department in Bytom “TRANSDYPTYK” (2013) or “I don’t wanna be a horse” created in the frame of the international project “Recording Fields”, which had its premiere in Dusseldorf, at tanzhaus nrw (2014). The company also works on other projects, like dance performance for children (“CzytANKI perFORMAtywne”, 2016) or performance with the guest artists, like a “toniejestpostawaartystyczna! czyli premiery nie będzię!” (June 2015) directed by Piotrowska with Łukasz Pawłowski, which received few prizes on Polish festivals. Our dancers are also involved in creation of an educational project “Body as a medium”, with dance workshops, lectures about dance and meetings with artists. In 2016 Anna Piotrowska received a prestigious prize “Golden Mask” for direction and choreography of the performances realized in ROZBARK Theatre.

“Each body is different, individual, unique; what we have in common is a passion and a faith in creativity and artistic process. The art is a journey into the depth of yourself, we are looking for a common energetic artistic space. We are looking for energetic, social and artistic identity through the place we are in – the space of old coal mine Rozbark. We are interested in defining and redefining the concept of “industrial body”, entangled in a history and a meanings. There is a reason why Silesia is often associated with a specific aura of sentimentalism with a little bit of uncompromising realism. The same atmosphere seems to accompany the work with a body in the ROZBARK Theatre.”
(Anna Duda)

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About the choreographer
Choreographer, director, contemporary dance teacher, dancer and performer, as well the founder and president of the eferte_Dance Development Foundation ( in Warsaw, producer. She was the founder and  artistic director of "mufmi" dance theatre in Warsaw (1995). Nowadays Piotrowska is the head of ROZBARK Dance Company in ROZBARK Theatre in Bytom. Teacher of PWST - State Theatre School in Krakow at the Dance Department. Teacher of contemporary dance, improvisation, dance composition, forms and structures of dance theatre. She leads her own education program "process and creation of a character in dance theatre".
She received diploma of professional dancer, granted by Polish Actors Association and the master’s degree in management in 2002. Twice was awarded in Budapest at the SzólóDuó International Dance Festival (2005/2006). From 12 years she's been organizing the Polish edition of Festival SoloDuo in Budapest. She has worked with several companies and theaters, as the Silesian Dance Theater, Polish Dance Theater and Hungarian Art of Movement Company, Samovar Theater.
She has made over 100 works since 1995. She created the performance for Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre of Henryk Tomaszewski “The Histroy of Ugliness” (2014). In 2015 she was honorized for her 20 years of artistic ativity by Polish Actors Association (ZASP). Piotrowska was participaiting in the international art projects: “Advancing Performing Arts Project VI” (2008), “DANCING BRIDGE” (Norway, 2010), “DANCEME” (Milano, 2011) and “RECORDING FIELDS” (tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf, 2014). In September 2015 she twice received main awards at two monodram’s theatre festivals in Grand Prix in Warsaw and Audience Prize in Koszalin with her new performance dedicated to the great Artist Tadeusz Kantor. She received the Golden Mask, the theatre prize for the whole artistic activity in ROZBARK Theatre in season 2015, when she created such performances as: “democratic body”, “toniejestpostawartystyczna, czyli premiery nie będzie!”, “czytANKI perFORMAtywne”, “neverland finding”, “lost in the skin” and “umarłam w krasie, czyli przypuszczalnie żyłam”.
In the new repertoire one can find the new productions as: “Underground’s suns” & “Fast Food Foot” and smaller performances: “pastmefuture” & “under the dead tree” for Rozbark Dance Company.  This year among other Piotrowska was the jury member of Solo Dance Contest in Gdańsk (2017), she coached two artistic residencies in Gdańsk Dance Festival and was leading workshops for National Theatre in Miscolc in Hungary.

In her artistic thinking, she is interested in improvisation and body & mind awareness as a tool of mutual observation, she researches the relation of the objective body in onebody space. Piotrowska is interested in process work discovering among others the tools of creating dramatic texts, creating the characters in dance theatre and work with states of mind and emotions and imagination.