Awards and merits

In 2014 the Theatre was nominated to the Golden Mask award (one of the most important theatre awards in the region) in the best choreography of the year category for the spectacle ”This Is Not a Love Song” choreographed by the Ivgi&Greben duo. In 2016 the Chapter of the Golden Mask Theatre Awards  honoured two artists who cooperate with ROZBARK Theatre. Anna Piotrowska (ROZBARK Theatre choreographer and artistic ensemble manager) was awarded the Golden Mask Theatre Award, in a special category, for her choreographies of a few great spectacles of ROZBARK Theatre. In turn, Elżbieta Okupska received an award for her vocal and actor role played in the spectacle “Byłam wróbelkiem – sekrety Edith Piaf” (“I Used To Be a Sparrow – secrets of Edith Piaf) directed by Waldemar Patlewicz. Moreover, in 2015 ROZBARK Theatre was awarded the GRAND PRIX at the 13th National Review of Contemporary Monodrama  and the main prize at the 3rd National Debut Monodrama Days in Koszalin for the spectacle “toniejestpostawartystyczna, czyli premiery nie będzie” (“this is not an artistic attitude! or there will be no premiere!”) directed by Anna Piotrowska.