Outreach Projects

For many years art has not only been a form of expression for artists, but it can also have a therapeutic impact for people who are very often marginalized and excluded from society. Bytom Dance and Movement Theater ROZBARK, recognizing the inestimable value of social actions as well as willing to be strictly connected with the community, in which it will be functioning, wishes to create a full range of social actions, which will not only help in the therapy of excluded or disabled persons, but will also stimulate the citizens of Bytom to take common actions. And thus the social activity gratuitous to participants should include such social groups as: patients of hospitals and rehabilitation centers, disabled persons, the elderly, residents of social care centers, youth detention centers, or orphanages. We are also planning projects for deaf and blind persons, realized in cooperation with foreign dance groups, which have great experience in working with people who are disabled in this way. A challenge for us will also be an attempt to introduce art therapy to penitentiary centers and an attempt to integrate with the very strongly developed Romani community in Bytom. Certainly, children from poor or pathological families, or disadvantaged communities will remain the addressees of our actions.

Owing to the egalitarian nature of dancing, it is indeed through therapeutic classes for people who are usually excluded, not only they are helped in normal life, ensured a springboard from everyday reality, or their disability is minimized, but – what is equally important – a sort of social community is built that is focused around dancing. Often, participation in such projects or workshops is a turning point in the life of their members, which makes them decide to totally change it and which discovers the potential residing in them, which nobody (including themselves) would suspect. Changing of life for the better, even of one person, is the greatest and priority value of conducting social activity based on dancing.