Underground suns

concept, direction, choreography:
Anna Piotrowska,

Anna Piotrowska’s latest spectacle is an attempt to explore the motivations that make it possible for the energy resources hidden inside each one of us  to come out to the surface. Hidden for years somewhere deep inside, undiscovered, unrecognized, wasted. Can I be great just for myself? What does it mean to build oneself in a group? Inspirations from the cult as the practices to search for a higher being and relation with it as well as various cultural practices of looking for a strong identity, construct the main motif of the spectacle. Practicing a cult as a path to oneself,  incorporating experience and transmission of energy into one’s own body. Divinity, lined with a distant echo of the concepts of a pantheon of ancient gods and goddesses is transferred to contemporary reality and experiencing divinity in constant movement and exploring the world of one’s own fantasises.